Web Post/MiniEssay 3 – Critical Digital Culture

Gay Marriage is a great example of Post Modernism.  Relativism is part of postmodernism because people today are more accepting of various views.  In the modern world, gay marriage just would not be tolerated.  Today we live in a world where more and more things out of the ordinary are becoming ordinary like school shootings and legalized Gay marriage.   There is pushback from the church and other defenders of traditional morality, but they are frowned upon and looked at as bigots; when in modern days that was practical thinking.  There is this analogy of a frog that if u put it in boiling water it will jump out but if you put it in Luke warm water and slowly turn it up it will swim around until its death; postmodernism suggests we are that frog.  Postmodernism is a successor of and in many ways a rejection of, the philosophy of Modernism.  In postmodernism, we are free to redefine marriage just as we are free to redefine all things as we see fit.  Modernism clashes with postmodernism in a big way with this subject.  The modern-day Christian is heavily scrutinized about their stance on same-sex relationships.  Christianity is about pleasing God and in the modern world pleasing God would be a man and a woman consecrating their marriage and procreating.  Postmodern leaders believe that those who embrace the homosexual lifestyle can live in harmony with biblical Christianity.  In today’s society if you take a stand in either direction you will be offending someone, and all opinions are valid and invalid at the same time.  Nobody is right, and nobody is wrong, unlike with modernism where we can rely on science and data and reason to come up with the truth or the right answer.  Gay marriage is the perfect example of postmodernism to me because of all the conflicting ideologies involved that directly oppose modernist theory.





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